About Us


I was born in Brussels where I graduated in science and became naturalist.

First, specialized in Northern Wildlife as I felt both appealed and attracted to it, but also inspired by Jack London's books witch I read as a child.

I've been following my dreams sin then, from the mystery of Africa to the wild spaces of Northern Europe and America but also, most recently in the refinement of Asia.

Lover of challenges - wherever it may be - alone in the mountains and often in winter conditions or as a diver in the dark or transparent waters of the seas I have sailed.

Retiring for about ten years has enabled me to think about the fast and to bad evolution of this world. I have now set off again watch, get closer but above all to be a witness to share...

During festivals or exhibitions I turn into a speaker to reach everyone... but also to draw attention to the injustices and abuses suffered by the Earth.

Nomad in the soul, a little bit bohemian, I rarely stay somewhere a very long time.

Well-know and world renowned, no fewer than 20 photography agencies distribute my work.

The editors having granted to me their trust, not less than 34 books mark out my route, for the moment..

I've been faithful to Nikon equipment for over 42 years, I remain passionate about Life and photography.

New dreams are already lying ahead...